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The candy cane stripes inside the La Mezquita Cordoba.

La Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain

One of the most iconic images of Spain comes from a town in Andalusia: the candy cane stripes of La Mezquita Cordoba. But how this architecture came about is the subject of a rich, but complicated history.

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Taking in the vast Versailles gardens outside of Paris.

Exploring the Versailles Gardens

I’m a sucker for gardens. I find there is just something magical about Europe’s grand palace gardens. From the Schonbrunn in Vienna to Powerscourt in Ireland, Europeans know how to set a spectacle. But there are perhaps none grander the Versailles gardens in France.

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Kilmainham Gaol was one of our favorite sights in Dublin

Dublin Sightseeing

Dublin is a city with an irrepressible spirit. It’s historic and modern at the same time, with all the benefits of a rich past and a thriving present.

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Natural Baby Bridge

The Natural Features of Aruba

Christmas Eve Day was spent in the port of call of Aruba. The area around the cruise ship terminal looks like any other Caribbean port, filled with all the luxury and pseudo-luxury stores like Diamonds International, Little Switzerland, Colombian Emeralds International and hundreds of T-shirt shops. Folks flock to these places and, if that’s your

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