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Visiting Machu Picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru

Visiting Machu Picchu is breathtaking. The kind of breathtaking where we had to stop ourselves for a minute to remember the experience because there would never be another first time.

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Vendors at the Sunday market in Pisac, one of the great places to visit in Peru's Sacred Valley

A Day in Peru’s Sacred Valley

While Machu Picchu is the most famous ruin in Peru, dozens of other sites held significance for the Incas. We set out to explore two of them – Pisac and Ollantaytambo – along with the awesome Pisac market.

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Stained glass window at Chartres Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site in France

A Visit to France’s Chartres Cathedral

I can still remember the TV cart being rolled into my seventh grade classroom. It was the early ’90s when the rickety metal things bumped through middle school hallways everywhere, long before the days of touchscreens and streaming video. My European History class was studying cathedrals, and it was time for some animated characters to

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The island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.

The Two Mont Saint-Michel Islands

The island of Mont Saint-Michel has attracted pilgrims for over a thousand years. As we planned our trip to France, there would be no doubt that we’d also make our pilgrimage to Mont Saint-Michael. What we found completely surprised and delighted us.

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The American Cemetery in Normandy, France.

The Beaches of Normandy

The D-Day landing on the beaches of Normandy was a concerted effort to save what was left of Europe. Now, nearly 70 years later, the beaches have an eerie quiet as travelers come to pay their respects.

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Pond in Monet's Water Garden in Giverny, France.

Peace in Monet’s Gardens at Giverny, France

An hour from Paris, but world’s apart, Claude Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France are the most tangible location to experience French Impressionism in real life. Monet’s Home and Gardens still exist today, largely as they did when he passed away in 1926. Giverny is just as beautiful as the paintings would make it seem.

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Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science - the tallest building in Poland.

The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

Stalin’s Penis. That’s what locals call The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw – a “gift” from Joseph Stalin to Poland. Not surprisingly, locals aren’t particularly fond of the building, which is the tallest in Poland.

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The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

6 Things To Do In Warsaw

Visiting Warsaw may not be at the top of everyone’s travel list in Eastern Europe. The city has a reputation for being a drab, modern city that lacks charm and character. The Old Town is a post-war facsimile of Warsaw’s once grand past. Despite the negativity, there are actually a number of fun things to

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One of the San Diego Highlights: a cruise on San Diego Harbor

San Diego Highlights

San Diego is one of our favorite cities on the planet. This fun, relaxed city has amazing weather and an abundance of activities. We’re a little biased – Laura’s sister lives here and we go out frequently to visit, but we never tire of taking in the San Diego highlights!

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Campo dei Miracoli

A Legendary Mistake: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

It’s interesting to think that without a rather dramatic flaw in engineering, Pisa wouldn’t be nearly the tourist center that it is. Nevertheless, Pisa is one of those places you almost feel like you have to visit, especially when you’re only 45 minutes away in Florence. The attractions in Pisa are concentrated within a few

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