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Visiting Congress Park is one of the best things to do in Saratoga Springs, New York

What to do on a Perfect Long Weekend in Saratoga Springs

When we lived in Manhattan, friends would talk about how cute Saratoga Springs was. But with little time or money to get away from the grind, the city remained one of those places that we hoped to get to “one day.” And then it finally happened, and we were blown away.

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Fresh vegetables at a market in Italy

From Focaccia to Fish: Sampling the Best of Genoa

One of the interesting things about Italy is that each region has its own cuisine. While there are some commonalities, there are significant differences in what’s traditional and readily available on menus in different areas.

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Wildcat plane on display at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas

A Visit to Central Texas’ World-Class War Museum

Despite our strong interest in World War II, our knowledge about what happened in the Pacific has been quite limited. That’s certainly no longer the case after our most recent trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, and its fabulous museum.

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Exploring the Caribbean beer scene - there's a lot of beers to explore.

Caribbean Beer 101: The Brews of the Tropics

Every island in the Caribbean produces its own unique beer and sampling those beers can be a real adventure. When it comes to the best beers of the Caribbean, it’s a strong matter of local pride. But what is the best Caribbean beer?

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Houses along one of the Norway fjords seen on a Norway in a Nutshell DIY tour

How to do Norway in a Nutshell on Your Own

There are raging waterfalls, colorful fishing cabins, and millennia-old gorges known as fjords carved when the Earth was a much younger place. This route lets you see them all relatively quickly and easily.

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