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A great wintry escape for a Steamboat skiing adventure!

A Wintry Escape for A Steamboat Skiing Adventure

It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect ski vacation. There’s a cute town, an incredible ski mountain, amazing snow conditions, and a fantastic hot springs to soothe our aching muscles. Skiing Steamboat Springs is the perfect wintry escape.

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Beaches are a Caribbean highlight and one of the top things to do in Saint Martin.

Getting to Know Saint Martin

Exploring the Caribbean from a local view – here is a local’s perspective on things to do in Saint Martin beyond Tourist Town.

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The Speicherstadt warehouse district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hamburg, Germany

Inside Hamburg’s Fascinating Warehouse District

On the surface, the idea of visiting an old warehouse district may not sound very interesting. But once we were standing in front of Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt, it was easy to see why this unique area is so popular.

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A great way to spend the day at Epcot--drink around the world

Eating and Drinking Around the World at Epcot

While much of a trip to Disney World is targeted at making children’s dreams come true, there’s plenty for adults to do at all the Disney parks. But Epcot has offerings that are totally different than some other Disney attractions—namely, alcohol.

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Gazing out that the mountains of Slovakia

Why We Need to Travel Now More Than Ever

Every day as I post nice photos of beaches and write about fun things to do around the world, I’m afraid it seems a little tone-deaf while the situation in our own backyard is so extremely uneasy.

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Some of the amazing palm trees on Saona Island, Dominican Republic

A Gorgeous Getaway to Saona Island, Dominican Republic

So much of travel is about “doing” things—zipping from place to place, checking off activities, and coming home more tired than when you left. But a visit to Saona Island, Dominican Republic, served up an ideal day when nothing was required of us but just to enjoy being.

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From visiting historical sites to trying great food and exploring the outdoors, there are lots of great things to do in Macedonia

11 Ways to Discover the Best of Macedonia

Initially, all we knew about Macedonia was that it was somewhere near Greece. But, pretty quickly, we learned a lot about the great things to do in Macedonia and all the remarkable things to see there.

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Jet approaching Maho Beach in St. Maarten

Extreme Aviation at Maho Beach in St. Maarten

When we stop in cruise ports, we usually try to avoid the crowds by going somewhere a little less touristy. But sometimes we head right into the heart of the tourist hub. Knowingly. And that’s what happened when we visited Maho Beach in St. Maarten.

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