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Wondering what to do in Palermo, Sicily? Check out our suggestions for a great visit.

What to do in Palermo, Italy

We expected Palermo to be gritty, rough-around-the-edges, largely without charm or intrigue. What we found was a city with blemishes, but also with a mix of fascinating influences, amazing food, friendly people, and a cultural and religious history stretching back for millennia.

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The magic of Christmas in New Mexico is best experienced via the Santa Fe Farolito Walk.

A Christmas Eve Tradition: The Santa Fe Farolito Walk

Few things can put someone in the Christmas spirit like cold air, fresh snow, an open flame, and hot chocolate. If you add a dash of tradition, the experience is complete – the Santa Fe Farolito Walk is magical.

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Gift images

Great Gifts for the Globetrotting Foodie

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to think about presents for a loved one (or, ahem…yourself). We’ve put together this list of fun gift ideas for food lovers, adventurous eaters, and foodie travel addicts.

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The vineyards of Klados Winery in Crete

Sipping Our Way Through the Wineries of Crete

The mountains of Crete stretch on for miles. Except for a few rocky bits and areas punctuated by brilliant fuchsia wildflowers, everything is green. Of course there are olive trees—this is Greece, after all. But there are also miles and miles of perfectly manicured grapevines swooping down the slopes.

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How we do it: Making Travel a Priority. The answer to how we travel so much is both incredibly simple and complex at the same time.

Making Travel a Priority: How We Do It

“How do you do it?” It’s the single most frequent question we get about the blog. What people are really asking is, “how do you travel so much?” The answer is both incredibly simple and complex at the same time.

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Visiting (and tasting!) the mineral springs in Saratoga Springs, New York, is a great way to spend the afternoon

A Tour of Saratoga’s Famous Springs

The springs that bubble up all over Saratoga Springs have been known to have restorative powers since Native American tribes roamed Upstate New York. And while some may taste or smell more minerally than others, the Saratoga mineral springs have been a critical part of this fun city for hundreds of years.

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