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The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad

Get the The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad.

Do you want to see the world on your own terms? Do you want the flexibility to travel at your own pace or get off the beaten path?

Driving abroad is your ticket to freedom. But renting a car overseas comes with additional responsibilities and complexities.

The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad is a book about simplifying the process of renting a car and driving overseas. The book will cover topics such as differences between driving on the right side and the left side of the road, and rules/laws in various regions. You will also learn about how to book a rental car in another country, what insurance to buy, and the best ways to get around.

This book will demystify the process of driving in another country and help you feel empowered to rent a car and travel independently. It will also help you reduce the stress and anxiety you may feel about the process. This book came from our experiences of driving abroad in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Filled with practical advice that has been road tested, this is the one book you need if you ever plan to rent a car overseas.

In The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad, we cover topics such as:

  • Why drive overseas and the benefits of travel by car
  • Driving on the left side of the road vs. right
  • The International Driving Permit explained
  • Booking a rental car trip
  • Demystifying rental car insurance
  • Best ways to get around
  • Rules of the road overseas
  • Driving in Europe
  • Driving in Asia
  • Driving in Africa
  • Driving in Australia
  • Road guide with an overview of traffic and parking signs

The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad: Everything You Need to Know To Simplify Your Journey and Reduce Stress is available at Amazon.

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