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For over a thousand years, Germany has been a commanding force in Europe. Germany sits at the crossroads of several different (and important) trading routes. To this day, commerce and trade is an incredibly important part of the German export-based economy. Visitors to Germany frequently come to Bavaria or the Black Forrest looking a fairy tale experience: medieval villages, half-timber houses, beer and bratwurst. There’s plenty of that to go around. However, there’s more to Germany than Grimm fairy tales.

World War I and World War II took a devastating toll on Germany and many war sites are now important monuments. As a country, Germany doesn’t shy away from these difficult topics. Germany has the best preserved, best marketed and most thorough collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Germany has thoughtfully evaluated its contributions to world culture and has systematically preserved those sites all of humanity to enjoy.

Having been around the world many times, Germany is a country we keep visiting again and again. For us, there’s just so much to see and do in Germany! Here are a few of our favorite German experiences.

The Bleakness of Buchenwald

The Buchenwald Concentration Camp above Weimar, Germany.

The place called Buchenwald was not just a location. It was a journey into the darkness of the human soul. For me, the Buchenwald Concentration Camp is where the Holocaust becomes most real. Buchenwald was not the first concentration camp built by the Nazi’s. Buchenwald was not the biggest camp in Germany’s World War II

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A Pilgrimage to the Andechs Monastery in Germany

Sculpture outside Andechs monastery

The sound of Benedictine monks singing could be heard high on the Andechs hill above the German countryside: “Veritas mea, et misericordia mea, cum ipso: et in nomine meo, exaltabitur, exultabitur, cornu ejus, cornu ejus.” Pilgrims have been visiting the Benedictine monks at the Andechs Abbey here for centuries, however the pilgrims today come for

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