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Aruba is one happy island. At least that’s the marketing slogan they use to promote the country. And we’d have to agree. It has long been a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands making it essentially a Dutch colony. Aruba has flourished as a tourist destination for Americans and Canadians. The intense sunshine and broad sandy beaches on the southern end of the island make it a perfect Caribbean getaway. The northern end of the island is a natural wonderland swept by the wind and salt water sprays.

For visitors, Aruba has it all. There are beaches for relaxing; broad, green fairways for golfing; crystal clear blue water for snorkeling and scuba diving; a naturally rocky northern coast for exploring by 4×4 Jeep; and an Aloe Vera farm to soothe your sunburned skin. The island has incredible, world class resorts to relax and do nothing at all for days. This is a great island for a getaway.

The Natural Features of Aruba

Natural Baby Bridge

Christmas Eve Day was spent in the port of call of Aruba. The area around the cruise ship terminal looks like any other Caribbean port, filled with all the luxury and pseudo-luxury stores like Diamonds International, Little Switzerland, Colombian Emeralds International and hundreds of T-shirt shops. Folks flock to these places and, if that’s your

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