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Edfu Temple and Nile River Cruise


We headed from the port into the old Edfu temple complex by way of a horse carriage. It was a pretty eventful ride, as the carriage Laura and her sister were in was almost hit by a truck at the main intersection. They knew it was a close call when they could tell their driver was scared.

We didn’t see much of the town of Edfu, but the large temple there is distinguished from the others we visited in that it has roof that is largely intact. The current temple, which was built to honor the falcon-headed god Horus, is from the Ptolemaic period (construction started in the year 237 BC) and took about 180 years to complete.

Interior of Edfu temple

The temple roof is still in good shape, despite being 1800 years old

The carvings here were probably 20 feet tall and often began at least 6 feet off the ground, making us think a lot about the engineering feats necessary to build and then carve such massive structures.

Carvings and reliefs in Edfu temple in Egypt

Carvings laced the interior walls and went all the way to the top

Reliefs of the pharoahs in Edfu temple in Egypt

Such amazing detail

It was impossible to look at these enormous carvings (relatively well-preserved) and not have two thoughts: 1) how amazingly lucky we were to see these things and 2) maybe the human race has gotten pretty darn lazy in relying on our current technology. The inside of the temple still had some color left (the roof probably helped with the preservation).

Colored ankhs in Edfu temple in Egypt

Ankhs with the original color — kind of mind-blowing

Funeral boat at Edfu temple in Egypt

Funerary boat in the holy of holies

The carriage ride back to the boat was less eventful than our first one, but we couldn’t help feeling sorry for these horses. Most them are too skinny and bear the marks of years of being whipped at the hands of their masters. Our guide, Hoda, talked with them at length about making sure the horses were getting enough food and water.  There’s no romance or charm to the experience.

In the afternoon back on the boat, we read by the pool and watched the landscape roll by as we headed our way down to Luxor.

Boat passing through locks on the Nile

Crossing through the Esna locks on the Nile River

Fishermen on the Nile

Fishermen on the Nile

In the evening, we docked in Luxor but did not head into town. Instead, we had a belly dancer and a whirling dervish come on the boat to entertain us. It was good fun, if a bit kitchy.

Colorful circular skirt of the whirling dervish

The whirling dervish

Tomorrow morning is our hot air balloon flight, so it will be an early morning.

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