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Spices brought by refugees from Asia Minor added flavor to food in Greece

Six Things I Learned on an Athens Food Tour

When we visit a new place, we’re just as excited (sometimes moreso) to try new food as we are to see the sites. And when that food includes cheeses, pastries, desserts, and other local specialties, we know it’s going to be a great trip.

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Visiting the Grand Place is one of the top things to do in Brussels, Belgium

13 Ways to Experience the Best of Brussels

Brussels is a complex city. Both historic and modern, ornate and sleek, busy and quiet, the city has different personalities in only the span of a few blocks. But despite these contrasts (or maybe because of them), there’s something new and different at every turn. And I loved every bit of it.

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Charming street in downtown Annapolis, Maryland

14 Ways to Have Fun in Charming Annapolis, Maryland

One of our very favorite places on the East Coast, the beautiful city of Annapolis often gets overlooked in favor of its larger neighbors like Baltimore or Washington, DC. But Annapolis is a waterfront retreat, a college town, and a picture-perfect capital city full of fun things to do.

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There are many great things to do in Antigua, but spending the day on Dickenson Bay beach may be the best of them all. There are 365 beaches in Antigua!

Relaxing on the Best Beach in Antigua

In Antigua, the days are long, the weather is warm, the beer is cold, and the beach is perfect. We found that the island has some of the best beaches in all of the Caribbean.

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The Budapest Guide: Less Touristy Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary's capital.

The Local View: 10 Less Touristy Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest is a charming city in Central-Eastern Europe with a rich history. Most tourists go and see the Heroes Square, the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion and leave after a few days. However, this Budapest guide will get you to see some of the less touristy sites.

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Southern California has a lot to offer travelers, but visiting the beach is our favorite things to do in Orange County.

A SoCal Adventure: Orange County for Adults

Orange County is definitely California’s hub for fun touristy activities, and they’re not just for the kids. In fact, you just may find that this area of the state is even more fun for adults!

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Here are the 7 tips for healthy travel.

7 Tips for Healthy Travel

Traveling the world is an incredible experience, but getting sick can take the fun out of exploring the world. Here are seven tips for healthy travel, wherever you go.

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