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Six Vancouver Sights Not to Miss

Vancouver Harbor

Vancouver is often overlooked in Canada in favor of the country’s largest city (Toronto) and the culture of the East (Montreal). But to travel to Canada and overlook Vancouver would be a huge mistake. I first visited Vancouver in 1986 for the International Exposition (Expo) and the city has changed remarkably since then. A recent

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Exploring Toronto – Canada’s Nicest City


Imagine a city with 2.6 million people and they’re all nice. No, really – every last one of them. And they’re not just nice, they’re REALLY nice. That’s Toronto – Canada’s largest city. And it is a place that won our hearts! We were in Toronto for a conference (TBEX) and Tourism Toronto had organized

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Vancouver’s Surprising Street Art Murals


“Let’s go down there. There may be some graffiti,” I said to my friend. We turned the corner and entered the alley. Immediately the wafting stench of urine hit our nostrils. “Oh wow, look at these street art murals!” We hit the jackpot off Cordova Street.

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A Walk Through Graffiti Alley in Toronto

Street art in Chinatown

Urban artists craft huge murals welcoming locals and visitors in Rush Lane and Chinatown – the graffiti alley of Toronto. We found an honest beauty and satisfaction in exploring the underbelly of the street art scene in the graffiti alley of Toronto.

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