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The Flavors of the Baltics

Discovering the food of the Baltics -- Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia -- is a culinary adventure

Italy conjures up images of homemade pasta and fresh mozzarella. When I think of France, it’s wine, butter, and the flavors of Provence in summer. But what is Baltic food?

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Spa by the Sea in Parnu, Estonia

The Hedon Spa & Hotel in Parnu, Estonia, offers a variety of treatments in an historic setting

Sweat dripped down the sides of my hairline as I breathed in the steamy air of the sauna and contemplated the bucket. Just outside the door, people filled a bucket with ice-cold water and dumped it on themselves. Intentionally.

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Bog Walking in Estonia

Bog walking in Estonia

Quiet and still on a drizzly, mid-spring morning, the bog spread out to the horizon painted in shades of yellowish-green, deep orange, and brown. Occasionally, the sponge-like earth was interrupted by deep pools of water. How deep, we didn’t really know…and preferred not to find out.

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