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Shopping in the Dubai Gold Souk


Dubai has a reputation as a modern, cosmopolitan city. In Dubai, bigger is better: world’s tallest building, world’s largest mall, etc. However, in Bur Dubai and along the banks of the Dubai Creek, you hear the echoes of the old Dubai. In the heart of this area, we encountered the Dubai Gold Souk and knew

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ONTC Buses

Working on the ONTC Bus on Our Way to Muscat

We are generally fans of getting out there and trying to experience as much of the local environment as possible. When I first discovered that I would be traveling to Dubai, UAE for work, I hit on the idea of also going to Muscat, Oman. My graduate school hosted many Omani exchange students. I have

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The Forts of Muscat


We got up late and had breakfast in the Club Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Muscat hotel. We took a cab to the Muttrah Souq. The previous day, the Muttrah was quiet and relaxed. Today, the Muttrah Souq was packed with European tourists, mostly Russians and Germans, on a Middle Eastern cruise. We went from

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Oman! Oh, man. It is wonderful! We left the Grand Hyatt Dubai* early in the morning and took a taxi to the middle of nowhere…which doubles as the local bus station. There’s really no station, the buses stop by the side of the road. We took the ONTC bus from Dubai. The buses featured on

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Ski Dubai: Snow in the Desert

Inside Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates.

Ski Dubai is a legend. This indoor ski park is one of the most iconic attractions in Dubai. Whatever you might imagine skiing in Dubai to be like, we promise you that it’s better!

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