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There are so many things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. From historic sites to food tours, a weekend in Gettysburg will be entertaining and delicious.

Seven Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Gettysburg

Gettysburg has been popular for decades for its history and its attractive downtown. A renewed focus on all things food and drink plus overall revitalization has ensured that there are plenty of great things to do in Gettysburg.

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Manguin Distillery in Avignon, France, is known for its Poire Williams Eau de Vie. The distillery puts glass bottles around pear blossoms to "imprison" the fruit within the bottle.

Waters of Life Flow at Manguin Distillery

It’s not apparent at first what’s taking place in the lush, green orchard. As far as you can see, glass bottles hang from the trees. But once you see the sign for Manguin Distillery, it all makes a bit more sense.

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Laura on the Santa Margarita zip line in Paso Robles, California.

Zippin’ and Sippin’ at Santa Margarita Zip Line

“Get off my mountain!” It was said with a broad, toothy smile and a twinkle in the eye. Some visitors to the Margarita Adventures zip line need a little encouragement to take the leap of faith off the side of the hill and ride the steel cable known as “The Renegade.” But those who do are rewarded by with a thrilling experience on the Santa Margarita zip line…and wine tasting at the Ancient Peaks Winery.

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Fruit stand in Ecuador's Otavalo market.

Seeing The Colorful Otavalo Market

Yellow, green, red, orange, blue, pink, purple. As I walked around Ecuador’s Saturday Otavalo market, my eyes were assaulted by a rainbow of colors. Everywhere I looked, tables were piled high with goods in every color imaginable. I realized that the Otavalo market is the most colorful place on earth.

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Sailing on the beautiful schooner Woodwind is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening in Annapolis, Maryland. The summer Wednesday night boat races are patricularly fun.

Wednesday Night Races on Chesapeake Bay

Even as the faint colors of sunset began to appear on the horizon, the day’s heat still hung heavy on the Chesapeake Bay. On shore, people were beginning to wind down their day, but our excitement was just beginning.

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The Hedon Spa & Hotel in Parnu, Estonia, offers a variety of treatments in an historic setting

Spa by the Sea in Parnu, Estonia

Sweat dripped down the sides of my hairline as I breathed in the steamy air of the sauna and contemplated the bucket. Just outside the door, people filled a bucket with ice-cold water and dumped it on themselves. Intentionally.

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The Sand Pebbles Inn atop a bluff at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California.

Beachfront Comfort at The Sand Pebbles Inn

The rhythmic throbbing of the tide as it tumbled against the rocks welcomed us to Cambria. We’d come to the blue and white-trimmed Sand Pebbles Inn to enjoy California’s Central Coast. Perched atop a small bluff above Moonstone Beach in Cambria, the hotel has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The Sand Pebbles Inn is one of the top hotels in Cambria and fully embodies the California “coastal chic” lifestyle.

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The ubiquitous Trip Advisor decals on restaurants and hotels.

What’s Wrong with TripAdvisor

In the travel industry, nothing can touch TripAdvisor. It’s the gold standard for reviews and comparison shopping for hotels, restaurants and excursions. Yet, just below the surface, there are some major problems with the service. There’s a dark side that is widely discussed in the industry, but rarely acknowledged to consumers: there’s a huge problem with fake TripAdvisor reviews. Here’s what you really need to know about TripAdvisor.

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Sampling Andorran wine at Celler Casa Auvinya in the Principality of Andorra.

The Soaring Wines of Andorra’s Casa Auvinya

Our expectations of Andorran wine were not high, but maybe they should have been. Wineries like Casa Auvinya are producing beautiful vintages from their soaring mountainous vineyards.

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The Stikliai hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania, is housed in a building that was once a glassblower's workshop

The Stikliai Hotel Welcomes You Home

Fireplaces and accent pieces complete the feel that staying at the Stikliai hotel is like being in someone’s (very upscale, well-serviced) French country home.

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