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Radishes and artichokes at a Provence market

An Embarrassment of Riches — Provence Market Days

Brightly-colored vegetables spill forth from the stands. The aroma of roasted chicken drifts through the air while locals arrive for their daily baguettes. The ambiance at weekly markets – particularly at a Provence market – is addicting.

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The fence boundary of Hacienda El Porvenir in the Avenue of the Volcanoes with the beautiful Pasochoa volcano.

Cool Ridings in the Avenue of the Volcanoes

I don’t know what I was expecting from the Avenue of the Volcanoes high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador other than a view of the legendary Cotopaxi, but this was better than I ever imagined. Looking back, the Avenue of the Volcanoes gave us some of our best memories of Ecuador.

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The streets of the Gracia neighborhood on the Barcelona food tour.

A Sweet and Savory Barcelona Food Tour

“Estava bonissim!!!” “That was delicious!” We found ourselves saying that frequently throughout the day. Each stop on our Devour Barcelona Food Tour was more delicious than the last. Not having any experience with Catalonian food, we’re glad we took the tour for the highlights.

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Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

Choosing the Best Galapagos Itinerary

For many travelers, including us, the Galapagos Islands are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here, naturalists have been observing curious animals for nearly two centuries. It was here that Charles Darwin proved evolution. And it is here that visitors travel to experience one of the world’s most remote and remarkable destinations. Yet every visitor to these enchanted islands faces the challenge of picking the perfect Galapagos itinerary.

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Things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Seven Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

Despite its proximity to the big cities of Austin and San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Texas, is popular because it maintains a small town feel while having so many things to see and do. From wine tasting to taking in the local history, you’ll never be bored in Fredericksburg.

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Travel Photo Roulette 105 – Landmarks

Travel Photo Roulette is a weekly photography contest hosted by a travel writer or photographer. This week, it’s our turn! The theme for Travel Photo Roulette 105 is LANDMARKS.

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Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France

France’s Palace of the Popes

Beginning in 1309, seven popes ruled the Catholic Church from Avignon, France, rather than Rome. To accommodate the needs of the Church and demonstrate its power, the Palace of the Popes was built on the banks of the Rhone.

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The bridge over the river in Erfurt, Germany.

Rewriting Germany’s Jewish Heritage in Erfurt

Germany’s relationship with Jewish history is painful. But this is not that story. This is the remarkably unlikely story of one of Europe’s greatest treasures hidden for centuries. This is the story of a history lost – and rediscovered under unlikely circumstances. This is the story, the legend, of the Erfurt Treasure and the Old Erfurt Synagogue.

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