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Ecuador Graffiti: Street Art Expressions

Stepping off the plane in Quito, Ecuador, the first thing you notice are the colors. The entire country is bathed in bright reds, lush greens, deep blues, sunny yellows and everything in between. Some of that is because this is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. But much of it is also due to the Ecuador graffiti scene – a robust sub-culture that takes street art who whole new levels.

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Summer Holiday 2015: Go to Europe Now

If you’re like us, when spring arrives, it is time to start planning your summer vacation. If you haven’t made plans for your summer holiday 2015 yet, we want to encourage you to go to Europe. NOW!!! There has never been a better time to visit Europe.

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The stills at Manatawny Still Works - one of the most popular Pennsylvania distilleries.

Raising a Glass at Southeast Pennsylvania Distilleries

Across the United States, a revolution has been taking place: craft distilling. The movement that has been shaping the beer industry for the last 20 years has finally come to spirits. Despite Pennsylvania’s antiquated liquor laws, the craft revolution has finally come and there are a number of excellent Southeast Pennsylvania distilleries.

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The Vicissitudes at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park.

The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

On the sandy bottom of the sea floor in Molinere Bay lies a mystery. During our Grenada scuba diving adventure, we headed out to see what lurks beneath the surface. To our delight, we discovered the playful and whimsical Grenada underwater sculpture park.

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The Keltenbad spa in Bad Salzungen, Germany.

The Cure of Bad Salzungen’s Keltenbad Spa

Like ghosts in the mist, white hooded bodies move silently through the 200 year old wooden structure. The dense fog strangles the senses as sight and sound are distorted. Slowly, the bodies pace back and forth. The only noise is the faint trickle of water. These pilgrims come to the Keltenbad spa (or Celtic Bath) in Bad Salzungen, Germany for “The Cure.” As I quickly learned, the Keltenbad Bad Salzungen is like very few places on earth.

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The Luckenbach, Texas, General Store

The Big Magic of the Tiny Town of Luckenbach

Visiting Luckenbach, Texas, is like coming home to a place you’ve never been before. Walking through the door of this two-building town, there is a feeling that everyone is a regular, maybe even friends and family.

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Roseau, Dominica from the Morne Bruce Viewpoint.

Disappointed in Dominica

We’d heard a lot about the vast natural beauty of Dominica and were really looking forward to visiting this Caribbean island. We’d heard great things about Titou Gorge, snorkeling on the Champagne Reef and Trafalgar Falls. But, as we discovered on our Dominica tour, the island has a long way to go. We were definitely disappointed in Dominica.

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The Goethe-Schiller statue in front of Germany's National Theater celebrates the age of Classical Weimar.

A Tale of Two Weimars

Weimar, Germany is a town with an identity crisis. On one hand, it is a town deeply rooted in the Romantic Classical period. On the other hand, it is progressive, modern and gave birth to the Bauhaus movement. The dual traditions – Classical Weimar and the Weimar Bauhaus – are both recognized as separate UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I’ve visited the city several times over the last 20 years, and each time is a truly profound experience.

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Sauer-Beckmann living history farm at LBJ State Park

It’s a Rancher’s Life at LBJ State Park

In the 1960s, Lyndon B. Johnson spent nearly one-quarter of his presidency at the Texas White House in Stonewall, Texas. Now, the house and the surrounding area have been turned into national and state parks — a combination of a working farm and group of historical sites.

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