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The skyline of Avignon, France

Seven Ways to Experience the Appeal of Avignon

On the western edge of Provence is the brilliant city of Avignon. Here, cobblestone lanes lined with plane trees swirl within the city’s medieval walls. Outdoor cafes sprawl into the squares. Avignon is a very modern city with all the beauty, spirit, and French-ness that Provence has to offer.

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The 5 Things to Know About Overseas Shipping.

The Perils of Shipping Overseas

Frequent travelers are often given the option of shipping overseas instead of carrying their package home. Here is what we learned about shipping home.

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What to pack for Ecuador and the Galapagos

What to Pack for Ecuador and the Galapagos

For many travelers, Ecuador and the Galapagos is a trip of a lifetime! But it also poses a lot of challenges when trying to figure out what to pack. In many ways, visiting Ecuador is not one climate, it is three very different ones. Regardless of how you get there, one of your biggest decisions will be what to pack for Ecuador and the Galapagos.

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Old Town Riga, Latvia, as seen from St. Peter's

48 Hours in Riga

Riga is a brilliant mix of old and new. On a walk through this lovely city, you could glimpse a 700-year-old church next to a modern store next to a new building that was reconstructed to look old. This blend means there’s something different around every corner and in every square.

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There's so much more to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, than the Civil War. Here's where to eat and drink in this historic town.

Going Gourmet in Gettysburg

When most people think of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, their thoughts are limited to the Civil War and battlefields. But there’s much more to this historic town, like its thriving culinary scene.

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The Caldea INUU spa complex in Andorra.

Relax at the Spa Caldea – INUU in Andorra

A pointed dagger made of glass piercing the sky. That’s the first thing you see when you arrive in Andorra la Vella. This is the amazing Caldea INUU spa complex in the principality of Andorra. And it is an amazing experience!

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The backyard area of the Hotel de l'Image in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France

Picture Perfect Provence at the Hotel de l’Image

Behind the Hotel de l’Image, it is green as far as you can see, or at least until the limestone peaks of the Alpilles mountains rise from the Rhone valley. Here, there are sprawling gardens, fountains, the pool, and plenty of room to relax.

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Bog walking in Estonia

Bog Walking in Estonia

Quiet and still on a drizzly, mid-spring morning, the bog spread out to the horizon painted in shades of yellowish-green, deep orange, and brown. Occasionally, the sponge-like earth was interrupted by deep pools of water. How deep, we didn’t really know…and preferred not to find out.

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Radishes and artichokes at a Provence market

An Embarrassment of Riches — Provence Market Days

Brightly-colored vegetables spill forth from the stands. The aroma of roasted chicken drifts through the air while locals arrive for their daily baguettes. The ambiance at weekly markets – particularly at a Provence market – is addicting.

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The fence boundary of Hacienda El Porvenir in the Avenue of the Volcanoes with the beautiful Pasochoa volcano.

Cool Ridings in the Avenue of the Volcanoes

I don’t know what I was expecting from the Avenue of the Volcanoes high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador other than a view of the legendary Cotopaxi, but this was better than I ever imagined. Looking back, the Avenue of the Volcanoes gave us some of our best memories of Ecuador.

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