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An unusual double rainbow over Walker Bay as viewed from the Grootbos Garden Lodge.

Finding Sanctuary During a Storm at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

South Africa’s southern coast is a wind battered land. Low, scrubby bushes (fynboos) with small leaves dot the coastal land of the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Hearty milkwood trees, some growing for over 1,000 years, provide isolated cover. From a distance, this is a barren land. But up close, the hillsides are exploding with plant and animal life. We rode out a violent storm from Antarctica here in complete luxury at the Grootbos Garden Lodge.

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The Steintribune at the Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds where Hitler gave his speeches.

Exploring the Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds

For many visitors to Germany, the causes and effects of the deeply troubled Nazi-era are never far from the surface. All across Germany, Nazi sites are preserved so that Germany will never forget what happened and the world can focus on never again allowing it to happen. Perhaps no other city is more intractably tied to the Nazi legacy than Nuremberg. Hitler chose Nuremberg because it was the seat of the medieval emperors and thereby legitimizing his regime. Today, tourists can visit the Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds to understand the role of populism and propaganda in Nazi Germany.

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A beer tasting at Hardywood Park in Richmond, Virginia.

The Summertime Brews: Hopping Around Richmond Breweries

The craft beer revolution has arrived in this capital of the Confederacy. However, just because Virginia was late to the party doesn’t mean it should be overlooked entirely. The Richmond breweries are embracing seasonals, creating bold experimental brews and continuing the city’s unique place in beer history. The Richmond craft beer scene is rapidly maturing and a day on one of the Richmond brewery tours is must in this city.

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The Kempinski Munich Airport hotel.

Travel Relaxation at Airport Hotel Spas

Travel can be difficult. There’s the stress of the actual act of travel – tight flight connections, horrific airport experiences, invasive security procedures that don’t actually make travel any safer, congested roadways and a host of other problems. But there is a solution: adding in a travel relaxation day at an airport hotel spa.

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Traditional colonial Dutch architecture at the Morgenhof Estate winery on the Stellenbosch Wine Route.

Exploring the Tempting South Africa Wine Region

South African wines leave some people salivating and some scratching their heads. For years, South African wine was essentially limited to the domestic market due to international boycotts. Those days are long gone. Now, oenophiles far and wide are recognizing the superiority of wines from the Rainbow Nation – exciting things are happening in the South Africa wine region!

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The Residenz in Wurzburg, Germany - one of the top things to do in Wurzburg, Germany

Wurzburg – the Little Gem on the River Main

Often overlooked by bigger neighbors, Wurzburg, Germany doesn’t receive nearly enough credit. The city is the start of the Romantic Road tourism route and the center of one the country’s most important wine regions. This best of Wurzburg walking tour takes in as many of the top attractions in a one-day itinerary.

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